JALLABINA® Online Instructor Training

JALLABINA® Online Instructor Training

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Do you love Middle Eastern music and dance? 

Have you been looking for a new way to stay fit, expand your career and inspire others to be healthier in the process? 

Maybe you’ve already heard about JALLABINA®, but live too far from an instructor training.
Look no more.

Take the JALLABINA® Instructor Training online!


Taking this course is your first step towards becoming a licensed JALLABINA® instructor. We will introduce you to the JALLABINA® concept of workout and give you an understanding of how and why Middle Eastern dance styles and fitness is the perfect combination. You will also learn more about the rhythms, music and dance styles from this area and get a simple and basic understanding of physiology and how it is connected to your job as an instructor.

Train and dance at home! The course is divided into 13 chapters with interesting lectures, break downs and a lot of dance alongs. To finish off the training, there is a VIDEO TEST you need to submit. This is mandatory and an important part of the training in order for you to get personal feedback and grow as an instructor. 

Why a pre-recorded online course?
Now you can join our global network of JALLABINA® instructors from anywhere in the world! With an online course you can easily access the materials when, where and however you want. All you need is internet access and a phone, tablet or computer. The material is well organized into chapters where it's easy for you to jump back and forth whenever you want to repeat something. You will have access to the materials for 3 months from the day you sign up.

If you love Arabic music and dance, you will love JALLABINA®! Each one-hour class is like a tour of the Middle East with contagious rhythms and moves, suited for everyone. That includes Belly Dance, Khaleeji, Dabke and much more. Combined with fitness elements, you get a very balanced workout that targets almost every muscle in your body.

When it comes to established workouts, there is nothing like JALLABINA® on the market. The program is pre-choreographed which means that all our instructors get the music and choreography from us. That saves you the stress of putting together your own class. You can if you want use 2 of your own songs per class. Since our launch in 2016, our team has grown remarkably and the program is now taught by JALLABINA® instructor all over Europe, in the Middle East and Australia.
Who are you?
Whether or not you want to teach classes - this course is for you! In times like these it's important to stay active. If however you are planning to teach, we prefer if our instructors have been teaching dance or group exercise classes before. But it’s not a must. Most important is passion and a willingness to learn.
Questions about the purchase or the course itself ? Contact us at 
Taking this course is an introduction to becoming a licensed JALLABINA® instructor and does not give you the status of such. You need to finalize this training, get approved on the video test and pay your first license fee before you can teach. The license fee is 30 € per month and gives you extended rights to our materials, access to our instructor portals, discounts and much more. This must be done the latest 2 weeks after you get your approval.